Here we go. You all might think that i left because I felt like people didn't like me anymore. but, tbh, thats not why. you see, when I had to go to camps for a while, i came back on the wiki to see it completely changed. New users were everywhere. I felt like i had been forgotten. . . and that is why I started to float away from the wiki. . .

But then the unfairness happened. Flip was banned for admitting that he was 12, while Sprinks did the same thing and nothing happened (but the post was deleted). Now, I am not saying that i think that Sprinks should have been banned, but what i am saying is that if she wasn't, flip shouldn't be. And the fact that it was deleted makes me think. Does this mean that the other staff where trying to cover it up? Probably not. And after that, the unfairness got worse and worse. . .

When I came on to the wiki to look around (yes i still do that) I noticed a certain staff member calling a member's question "stupid". Now, if a normal wiki contributor did that, it would not be tolarated. But no, because they are staff anything goes. That just made me angrier than before.

So, the truth was, was I right in my assumption that i was forgotten? Well, yes i was. Nobody batted an eye when i left, and they still aren't. Barely anybody. that just pains me.

Now, if i'm blocked on the wiki because of this, pleae stand up for me. Why, you might ask? Because if they block me for something that happens on another site, that is wrong. I'm also very suprised if you see this, because idk if anybody is on/in the POG anymore. Leave your thoughts down below! (Plz no hate doh)

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