Add on to it!!!!

Just plz make sure to add the meaning and the translation in english

  • Angrys: People who rage. They might hate something a lot. They might be a bully. Either way they are angrys. It means "Angry People" In english.
  • Not when I shift into, MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE: Going at a reletively average speed. Means "Walking" in english.
  • Bad Internet: Somthing very annoying. Can be destroyed by going into a wifi network. Means "THE BANE OF GKOLIVERS EXISTISTENCE" In english. B)
  • 2b2t Queue: An insanely long line. It leads you to a virtual post-apocalptic world. Means "Gateway to terror" ine english.
  • Agent: blocked user rip
  • puhkemahn gew: The worst game in history (in busto's opinion) it means pokemon go in english
  • pokemon noon: the best game in history (in KD's opinion), it means Pokemon and Overwatch

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