This is the policy for the POG.


  • Spamming is allowed in chat. Just please do not spam too much.
    • That said, no spamming outside of chat.

Other Chat Rules

  • No posting links to other chat domains. No other Wikia they continue disobeying the rulesones, or any other chat-type thing. You may do it in PM, but please not on main. Also, do not mention it on main.
  • No being rude or name calling.
  • Due to the fact that we do not have censors (yet) no curse words.
  • No posting links to bad places (like the logout) under an innocent name. This may confuse some of our new users into clicking the link.

Main Rules

  • PLEASE RESPECT OTHERS OPINIONS. That is the point of this wiki. Anybody disobeying this rule will get a warning, and if it is harsh, they will get a 2-week ban. If the ban wears out and they continue, longer bans will be given.
  • No being rude or name calling.
  • Do not spam. If you want, you may create a discussion for it.
  • No cursing.

Rules For Staff


  • If someone is disobeying the rules, give them a warning or kick. If it continues, give them a ban. NO KICKING FOR FUN.
  • ===Rollback===
  • Please only rollback bad edits.
  • ===Admins===
  • Please only block if they have been given 3 warnings. If the individual is disobeying the "Respect Other's Opinions" rule, change it to 2 warnings.


  • Same as admin.
  • Please only promote with permission.

All Rules Apply for the higher rank. For example, Rollback has the same rules as the C-Mod, Admins have the same as Rollbacks, ect.


3 Warnings in main will result in a 1 Week block. If they continue disobeying the rules, gradually continue the ban. After it gets to 2 months, if they do it one more time, go to 1 year. After that, an infinite block will be needed.

In chat, same thing applies. 3 kicks: 1 week ban. Continues: Gradually increase until 4 weeks. After that, infinite ban.

Socks will not be tolerated. The sock will be blocked (forever) and the sock user will be blocked for a 1 month.